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Digital Marketing vs Social Media Marketing-Top Digital Agency

Digital Marketing vs Social Media MarketingTop Digital Agency

It’s not the same!

Nowadays, people tend to use the terms digital marketing and social media marketing as being the one and same thing, however, that’s not entirely true. Digital marketing has a wider scope than social media marketing, and the latter is a part of the formers range.

Digital Marketing in Brief

Digital marketing is a term that encompasses a myriad range of marketing techniques, predominantly taking place in the digital world, though sometimes it does also occur in the physical world. Brands use digital marketing to promote their products and services.

Social Media Marketing in Brief

Social media marketing is a branch of digital marketing, although one of its most important ones, that utilizes the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as a medium to reach out engage with the customers while also selling products and services.

Channels of Digital Marketing

There are various ways one utilizes digital marketing through the many technologies that makes up the internet. From emails, mobile technology, PPC to display ads and social media, there is plenty of ways for one to get their digital marketing strategy to take off.

Display ads, websites, banner ads, email ads

blogs, social media marketing, forums

text messages, mobile applications, ads

However, it is important to realize that using all the channels available in digital marketing is not a good idea. It’s much better for one to customize a digital marketing strategy that is perfect for your business type, the niche market, your audience and your budget range.

Often it is the case that changes to the digital marketing strategy takes places even after the launching of the campaign. You can analyse the effect of the campaign, and only utilize those strategies which gave you a good return on investment. 

Tools of Digital Marketing

In order to facilitate an effective digital marketing campaign, businesses nowadays would need to utilize the plethora of digital marketing tools available in the market. Depending upon your unique set of requirements you can choose to incorporate any of these digital marketing tools into your strategy.

Video hosting tools

SEO tools

Affiliate Marketing

Content creation tools

Analytics Tools

Email marketing tools

Social Media Marketing

Apart from what was mentioned in the brief paragraph, social media marketing is perhaps the most important channel of digital marketing. The majority of the world’s population engages in the social media sphere every day and it presents a vast opportunity for businesses. It is primarily communicative in nature with engagement and building of reputation being the primary function of the medium. Social media marketing is especially important for digital marketing when it comes to the art of building a brand.

Social Media Marketing vs Digital Marketing

1. Digital marketing utilizes all the available technology online as well as offline to market products and services.

Social media is limited to the online sphere and not anywhere else

2. Digital marketing campaigns can utilize different channels to perform its task of marketing such as mobile ads, online ads, SMS, television.

Social Media Marketing utilize the social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram for the same.

3. Digital marketing strategies can incorporate the same content on different platforms across different formats.

Social media marketing strategies requires the posting of new content every single time.

To surmise

It’s clear to most after reading this that social media marketing is a part of a successful digital marketing strategy but not the entire thing. To facilitate a successful digital marketing strategy, one has to incorporate an array of other technologies and mediums into it.

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