what is the importance of social media marketing

The Importance of Social Media

The importance of Social Media

The importance of social media is flourishing around us and if you don’t take advantage of it then you’ll be left behind to eat the dust of everyone else’s success. A staggering amount of people use social media and being able to effectively use social media is critical for all businesses to reach a wider consumer base.

You can check out our article on what social media is to understand the effectiveness of social media in general. In this article, we will delve deeper into why social media marketing is especially good for business.

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The Making of a Brand

Like we had said in this article, the truth is that social media is an opportunity for brand building. This application of social media will help to drive demand and expand the scope of what you can sell to whom.

You can engage with your followers to build trust and get them to commit to your brand as loyal followers. This loyalty can take the form of brand news updates, info and videos. Social media is compatible with various others channels, giving you a unique opportunity to boost campaigns.

Another way that social media helps in branding is the way in which you can control the narrative of a situation. When you are able to promptly respond during a crisis, you can take control before things fall apart. All of this will arouse the curiosity of the general public leading to traffic that in turn will convert into leads.

Organic and Paid

When you use the organic mode of social media marketing, you are utilising the free aspects of social media such as posting and conversations. It is ideal for start-up and independent companies looking to stretch their dollars.

When you use paid promotions, you’re getting better access to the platforms inherent capabilities and now you can do targeted ads and get analytics. You don’t have to be exceptionally rich, just have a reasonable budget allocation.

Types of Campaigns

The Outreach Campaign

These types of campaigns are directed at those who have not yet interacted with your brand or heard about what you have to offer. Compelling content driven at the right moments can help lure them to your lap. In this stage, it is good enough for them to develop feelings for your brand.

The Retargeting Campaign

With a good retargeting campaign you are able to persuade those who had perused through your brand but decided not to interact. The best way to do this is to pursue them again tenderly and on a deeper level not aggressively which might backfire.

The Conversion Campaign

The purpose of this campaign is to get them to convert into purchasing customers or at the least get them to do a certain set of actions that gives the business a better idea about an ideal customer persona. The information they provide can be used again and again.

Choosing a strategy for social media

Jumping right into a campaign without a proper strategy is foolish and should be avoided. Our article here dictates the kind of things you need to consider in general before you go about a campaign. For a business venturing into social media marketing, these are things you should consider before coming up with a strategy.

Content: What is the type of content you want? Should it be in the form of graphics, images or text ones

Tone and Style: This is synonymous with your brand identity and therefore should be uniform throughout.

Topics: Another important facet. What exactly gets them to stay glued to the screen so that they consume it

You will definitely need to ask yourselves what it is that you want exactly for your customers. This is related to the types of campaigns mentioned earlier.

Picking a Social Media Platform

This is perhaps the most important step, in fact, it could change the whole concept and strategy of the campaign. Each platform has its own unique set of facilities that will help you. Depending upon the type of product/service you are selling; the brand identity that you want to create; and the type of audience you want to engage with; there are a lot of options.

When making your social media profile, choose the business profile and this option will give you the option to monitor all your data using analytics which is integrated into most of the major social media platforms. With it you can learn a lot of things:

You can understand buyer behaviour as well as the demographics of those who engage with you

Understanding that you can use it to make the perfect content for the ideal audience

You can also get a thorough report of everything that you have done so far

An Indispensable Medium

Social media is an indispensable medium for any business, and social media marketing is the key to understanding how to use it keenly so that your business can get ahead of the rest.         

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