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Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Social Media Alone

If you are a business that is thriving in the social media sphere, be extremely wary because although social media is quite indispensable, over-reliance on it can cause your business to show unnecessary cracks. On March 13,2019 both Facebook and Instagram went off the grid, and businesses that were relying on these platforms extensively experienced a painful reality check. Sales plummeted, and damage control took more than its fair share. This forced people to think about the areas that they’d ignored.

Social media makes you vulnerable

We’ll tell you a few reasons why over reliance on social media will leave your business vulnerable

  • Its not your platform: Perhaps you’ve been able to amass a few thousand followers for your business, but always remember its not just who is there. The platform does not work for you exclusively, neither do you complete control overt it. At any instance you can lose your privileges for a vague reason, and even with thousands of rupees spent on ads, you might never be able to get good on returns on the investment.
  • Death of organic: Your organic reach dies because you were too focused on going on with the gimmicks that would work on social media. You would have had to spent a tremendous amount of money to get a certain amount of reach leads. And unless you’re a big business who can incur the hefty bills, paying for your social media reach might not be a feasible idea.
  • Immutable: Your reputation on social media is fragile as a think sheet of glass, and this entails that you treat the social media sphere as carefully as possible. But if you were to make one bad move, then that’s it, the word will spread faster than wildfire. Your careful built brand identity will collapse to smithereens and you’ll be left with a task of building the page from scratch.

Content SEO is the solution

Perhaps one of the key areas that should get more traction is in the area of Content SEO. The whole domain of content based branding for online reputation management and for greater SEO is ignored or left to languish. Here, we’ll tell you why Content based SEO is pivotal for your online presence.

  • Backlinks : When you’re taking content seriously, you will run into the option of adding backlinks. This is the process where you can add a hyperlink back to your main website for a guest post or blog that you’d written. There is of course the option to add backlinks within you website itself.
  • Articulate : Believe it or not, people do like to read. Although in this world of instant gratification, it might seem like reading is a thing of the past, but with compelling content things can change. A good blog post in your website can be spread across not just social media but featured in other digital platforms so much so that it becomes the moment where you become successful.
  •  Feasible : More than anything, writing good content will require you to only have someone who is well versed with the subject and good with words. It doesn’t require you to spend thousands of rupees on advertisements nor is it something so fragile it would crumble if someone spots an error. Content SEO is built to last from the very last, and as long as you could produce good content, your reputation will steadily improve.

Doing it together

So, if you’re really looking forward to getting your online reputation performance at its best, it’s not a given that social is the sole way to success. A holistic strategy that includes social media, content seo, and a slew of other inputs will eventually determine how strong your reputation is.

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